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Pure Perl 6 implementation of RSA public key encryption.

my $crypt =;
my ($public,$private) = $crypt.generate-keys;

my $message = 123456789;
my $encrypted = $crypt.encrypt($message);
my $decrypted = $crypt.decrypt($encrypted);

my $message = 123456789;
my $signature = $crypt.generate-signature($message);
die unless $crypt.verify-signature($message,$signature);


This is a very simplistic implementation of the RSA algorithm for public key encryption.

By default, it relies on Perl 6 built-ins for randomness, but the constructor takes two optional arguments: random-prime-generator(UInt $digits) and random-range-picker(Range $range) that can be used instead. Any arguments to generate-keys (such as the number of digits or number of bits) will be passed on to random-prime-generator.


use Crypt::Random;
use Crypt::Random::Extra;

my $crypt =
    random-prime-generator => sub {
    random-range-picker => sub ($range) {
        my $size = log($range, 10).Int;
        my $rand = crypt_random_uniform($range.max,$size);
        return $range[$rand];