My CFClient Sampler app trying out all the client APIs
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My CFClient Sampler app trying out all the client APIs.

What is it?

This app is my entry into the ColdFusion mobile contest.
I am having a go at all of the CFClient APIs and implementing them all in one application with well-documented code. The app uses jQuery Mobile for the UI and I am building it using ColdFusion Builder 3 and ColdFusion 11.

Follow Along

I am also blogging all my findings, successes, and failures on my blog as I go. Each blog entry has an associated tag in GitHub and a release of the app that has the version of the code discussed in that entry. I am compiling APK files an testing on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Each release in GitHub has an attached APK, or just grab the latest from the /dist folder if you want to give the app a try. It comes with no warranties and you install it at your own risk!


Follow the blog posts as I create this app here:

Try it at home

You can checkout the code on your own local ColdFusion Builder installation which will need to have your local ColdFusion 11 server set up. I have included my .project file, but certain data such as the Phonegap features that are added do not seem to store in the web root, so you will need to configure that yourself for the app to work once compiled.