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nall: notify everything in a discrete tooltip
2010-04-06 version 1.0
* pulled from ingo's version, update translation
* pulled from ingo's version
2009-11-18 version 0.8
* pulled from ingo's version, added as author
* german tanslation
* return code taken in account
2009-09-18 version 0.6
* fixed bug in passing app_data
* better Makefile
* added warning dialog message if no script
* added PKGBUILD for Arch Linux
2009-09-4 version 0.3.1
* again bugfix in wifi link script
* cosmetic on menuitems labels
* set menuitem insensitive on rescan and reschedule
* bugfix in wifi link script
2009-07-14 version 0.3
* avoid all compiler warnings, no functional change.
2009-06-14 version 0.3
1. fallback buffer refresh to 1 second
2. fallback launch to 10 seconds (if not specified in the filename)
1. added install, uninstall make targets (defaults to usr/local)
2. added desktop entry for freedesktops
2009-02-18 version 0.2
really improved responsiveness, reading childs output asynchrounously.
2009-02-17 version 0.1
1. added the "About" popup. and the Copyright stuff.
2. license is GPL v2
improved scheduling policy:
* delay scheduling initialization to one init per second (async)
* delay manual schedule to one script per second (async)
1. added menu popup on right-button click, with:
* schedule => re-schedule immediately
* rescan => re-scan script directory
* about => (does nothing currently)
* quit => quit nall
2. added icon blinking on scripts output change
plus minor bugfixes and code cleanup (no more globals)
This version fixes a bad behaviour when trying to launch a non-executable script
and adds a default output sorting in the tooltip by frequency order.
This version uses a mutex for tooltip refresh. This is safer.
Example scripts are in the scripts directory.
All given scripts are released into the public domain
You must modify them in order to fit your needs (HOSTNAME, etc..)
Then you can move them into ~/.nall/ and chmod them as 0700 in order
to not let other people to see your (probable) passwords used in them.
This version of nall is unstable (and ugly) but... work.
Be careful on the private data of your scripts: make them chmod 700.
- happy hacking.