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Build Status

Build Status


Install or Update bb-cape-overlays debian package (pre installed on: Debian Jessie/Stretch & Ubuntu Xenial images)

sudo apt update ; sudo apt install bb-cape-overlays

Support Kernels:

Pre-built kernels: (there are multiple options avaiable)

cd /opt/scripts/tools
git pull


sudo ./ --lts-4_4 --ti-channel

v4.4.x-ti + Real Time:

sudo ./ --lts-4_4 --ti-rt-channel

v4.4.x mainline:

sudo ./ --lts-4_4 --bone-channel

v4.4.x mainline + Real Time:

sudo ./ --lts-4_4 --bone-rt-channel


sudo ./ --lts-4_9 --ti-channel

v4.9.x-ti + Real Time:

sudo ./ --lts-4_9 --ti-rt-channel

v4.9.x mainline:

sudo ./ --lts-4_9 --bone-channel

v4.9.x mainline + Real Time:

sudo ./ --lts-4_9 --bone-rt-channel


sudo ./ --lts-4_14 --ti-channel

v4.14.x-ti + Real Time:

sudo ./ --lts-4_14 --ti-rt-channel

v4.14.x mainline:

sudo ./ --lts-4_14 --bone-channel

v4.14.x mainline + Real Time:

sudo ./ --lts-4_14 --bone-rt-channel


Step 1: Clone this repo:

git clone
cd ./

Step 2: Install *.dtbo:


U-Boot Overlays: