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Pull f2fs fixes from Jaegeuk Kim:
 "This includes major bug fixes introduced in 5.18-rc1 and 5.17+:

   - Remove obsolete whint_mode (5.18-rc1)

   - Fix IO split issue caused by op_flags change in f2fs (5.18-rc1)

   - Fix a wrong condition check to detect IO failure loop (5.18-rc1)

   - Fix wrong data truncation during roll-forward (5.17+)"

* tag 'f2fs-fix-5.18' of git://
  f2fs: should not truncate blocks during roll-forward recovery
  f2fs: fix wrong condition check when failing metapage read
  f2fs: keep io_flags to avoid IO split due to different op_flags in two fio holders
  f2fs: remove obsolete whint_mode


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Apr 24, 2022
Linux kernel

There are several guides for kernel developers and users. These guides can
be rendered in a number of formats, like HTML and PDF. Please read
Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst first.

In order to build the documentation, use ``make htmldocs`` or
``make pdfdocs``.  The formatted documentation can also be read online at:

There are various text files in the Documentation/ subdirectory,
several of them using the Restructured Text markup notation.

Please read the Documentation/process/changes.rst file, as it contains the
requirements for building and running the kernel, and information about
the problems which may result by upgrading your kernel.