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Welcome to the BEAM Community, for more information about us, visit our homepage.

In this page, we will list projects (alphabetically) that are participating in the BEAM Community. Click on the project below to see all proposals/ideas related to that project:


  • BarrelDB proposals - Barrel is a distributed database.
  • ejabberd proposals - ejabberd is robust, efficient, scalable modular XMPP servers, it is the most largely used server in the world, running both small personal installation and huge scale deployments. Consistently one of the top Erlang projects on Github, contributing for ejabberd give you the chance to get your feature used by millions users.
  • Elixir proposals - Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications that runs on top of the Erlang VM.
  • Lasp proposals - Lasp is a functional language designed for large-scale edge computation.
  • Zotonic proposals - Zotonic is a high speed, real-time web framework and content management system.

The list of results, projects and ideas from previous years are also available in our archives:

Instructions for Students

Now is a great time to get started! Go over our Projects / Ideas list above and pick the projects and ideas that interest you the most! Also, subscribe to our mailing list and join us at #beam-community on irc.freenode.net

Students should pick their projects and submit proposals from 12th to 27th March 2018. We recommend students to work closely with mentors in order to craft the best proposals. Our mailing list is the best place to ask questions and get more details about our projects!

For more information on Google Summer of Code itself, timelines and proposals, visit the GSoC website.

Instructions for Mentors

If you are interested in mentoring any of the projects above, reach the mailing list or join #beam-community on irc.freenode.net! The wiki has moderated access, so contact us as well if you want to contribute to new ideas or improve the existing ones.