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Bearded (WIP)

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Bearded is an open source Security Automation platform. The platform allows Development, QA, and Security team members to perform automated web security scans with a set of tools, and re-execute those scans as needed. All tools can be executed in the cloud in docker containers. Barbudo has a default web interface which integrates all core options and makes it possible to manage large pentests easily.

Screenshots and Video

Demo video:


The project in pre-pre-alpha stage. Please, do not use this right now.


Update go get -u -d

Go to path cd $GOPATH/src/

Update dependencies godep restore

Build go get

Run dev server and look to build path bearded dispatcher --frontend ../frontend/build/ -v

In ../frontend/ exec npm run dev to start frontend static server

Load data:

bearded plugins load --update ./extra/data/plugins.json

bearded plans load --update ./extra/data/plans.json


local dev

Make changes, then go get