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Graph Databases in Action

by Dave Bechberger, Josh Perryman

For each chapter, there are both scripts and code corresponding to the chapter.

The extra folder includes extra content not used in the book but was used throughout the creation of the book which we thought might prove helpful to the reader. This includes:

  • data-generator - a Java program for adding sample data to a graph

Gremlin Console start scripts

The use of these scripts assumes a running Gremlin Server is available for the console. The script connects to the server based on the configuration in conf/remote.yaml and configures it for a console connection. The script then executes Gremlin to leave the graph in the desired state before returning the Console to interactive mode.

For chapter 8 and 9, due to the amount of data needed we have changed from using scripts to create our graph to using data preloaded from json files. We refer to these as the io scripts. These io scripts, (e.g. 8.1-restaurant-review-network-io.groovy and 9.1-restaurant-review-network-io.groovy) require the following:

  1. Access to the groovy files in the <chapter number>/scripts directory.
  2. Change the configured full_path_and_filename variable with the full path and filename of the JSON files which are located in the same directory.
  3. Save the updated script