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Use multiple WiFi networks with Python Requests
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Send requests through a specified network interface

This is a small utility to send HTTP requests through different network interfaces, using the Python requests module.


with interface("eth0") as session:


  • Already set up/connected two WiFi adapters (one can be internal)
  • ifconfig available on the command line
  • Only tested on MacOS but should work anywhere.


The tricky bit on other operating systems is to connect two WiFi adapters to separate WiFi networks – on MacOS this is possible out of the box but this may not be true on *nix or Windows machines.

The way this works is to find the machine's IP address on the given interface, then return a Requests session which is bound to that IP address. I'm pretty sure this will break if the machine has the same IP address on both networks, but that's pretty unlikely for small home networks.

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