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Data analysis and graphics production for Sara Sneath's series for | The Times-Picayune on how the Endangered Species Act has helped three iconic Louisiana species. Read her story about the American alligator here:
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Sara Sneath, a | The Times-Picayune environment reporter, produced a three-part series on how the Endagered Species Act has played a role in the recovery of three iconic Louisiana species: the American alligator, the Brown Pelican, and the Louisiana Black Bear.

Her stories were published in Fall 2018 as a project called 'Saving the Southern Wild.'

American alligator (published 8/16/2018):

Brown Pelican: stay tuned

Louisiana Black Bear: stay tuned

I worked with data from the Louisiana Department of Fish and Wildlife to produce regression models and graphics showing the recovery of the American alligator and the Brown Pelican, which were used to promote this story series. The American alligator graphic shows the number of estimated nests from 1970 to 2017, and the Brown Pelican graphic shows my analysis of the number of breeding pairs from 1984 to 2017.

This repository contains the public data from the Louisiana Department of Fish and Wildlife that was used to make these graphics, my code to model it, and copies of the graphics, which were produced using R and Adobe Photoshop.

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