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# References
# string formatting
# put string in string #6 (converts int to string)
x = "There are %d types of people." % 10
binary = "binary"
do_not = "don't"
# put string in string #1, #2
y = "Those who know %s and those who %s." % (binary, do_not)
print x
print y
# use %r format specifier. It puts the value of x within ' '
# put string in string #3
print "I said: %r." % x
# put string in string #4
print "I also said: '%s'." % y
# joke_evaluation contains format specifier %r which will be used below
joke_evaluation = "Isn't that joke so funny?! %r"
hilarious = False
# %r in joke_evaluation combines with % to convert hilarious bool to string
print joke_evaluation % hilarious
w = "This is the left side of..."
e = "a string with a right side."
# concatenate strings
print w + e
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