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Haskell papers optimized for my e-reader.
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Note 1: Some of the single-column papers are in landscape mode. These are prefixed with [LS].

Note 2: If the paper isn't here, look in ocharles' git-annex repository. robbinch's Papers git repository may also contain what you're looking for.

I use k2pdfopt to turn the typical 2-column papers in PDF format into a PDF suitable for an e-reader. It seems to handle figures well, too, so I'm happy with it.

I've also taken some of the single-column papers with huge margins and ran them through the tool to make the font bigger on an e-reader.

I use the GUI on Windows (in administrator mode) to generate the PDFs, but here are the command-line options:

-dev kbhd -mode 2col -c -om 0.2

This takes a 2-column paper and generate a PDF suitable for a Kobo Aura HD and sets a 0.2 inch margin around the document. Here's an example:

Example on the Kobo Aura HD

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