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Important: Before reading any further, please see issue #1

BeerJS: Lausanne, Switzerland

Hello and welcome to BeerJS Lausanne! 🍻

Our goal is to build a friendly community by organizing JavaScript meetups in local bars and workspaces. We will talk about the language while enjoying fresh ales and lagers in a laidback atmosphere.

Join us and discover a world of quality code and fine beverages!

Note that neither drinking beer nor liking JavaScript is required to participate.

Inaugural event

We are working on the details of our first event that should take place soon, when people come back from vacation 🌴.

The subject of the event will probably be JavaScript syntax from the future. We will be peeking at draft features around a fresh IPA 🍺.

Exact location and time will be announced soon (see timeline below).

For now, please watch/star this repo to get updates, follow us on Twitter, spread the word and relax.


  • Aug 28: Create meetup or pair with existing
  • ~ Sep 2: Find comfortable location
  • ~ Sep 4: Announce inaugural meetup
  • ~ Sep 25: First meetup


  • If you know a location that could host one of our events
  • If you want to present a subject that you find interesting
  • If you make beer and want to sponsor our event
  • If you want to help with the organization

Please, get in touch!