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a GitHub App built with probot that welcomes new users based off maintainer defined comments that should be located in a .github/config.yml

The 3 plugins it combines with are

New Issue Welcome:

new-issue-welcome screen shot 2017-07-17 at 1 31 50 pm

New PR Welcome:

new-pr-welcome screen shot 2017-07-07 at 10 40 26 am

First PR Merge:

first-pr-merge screen shot 2017-07-17 at 1 58 37 pm


  1. Install the bot on the intended repositories. The plugin requires the following Permissions and Events:
  • Pull requests: Read & Write
  • Issues: Read & Write
  1. Create a .github/config.yml file to check for content of the comments:
# Configuration for welcome - https://github.com/behaviorbot/welcome

# Configuration for new-issue-welcome - https://github.com/behaviorbot/new-issue-welcome

# Comment to be posted to on first time issues
newIssueWelcomeComment: >
  Thanks for opening your first issue here! Be sure to follow the issue template!

# Configuration for new-pr-welcome - https://github.com/behaviorbot/new-pr-welcome

# Comment to be posted to on PRs from first time contributors in your repository
newPRWelcomeComment: >
  Thanks for opening this pull request! Please check out our contributing guidelines.

# Configuration for first-pr-merge - https://github.com/behaviorbot/first-pr-merge

# Comment to be posted to on pull requests merged by a first time user
firstPRMergeComment: >
  Congrats on merging your first pull request! We here at behaviorbot are proud of you!

# It is recommended to include as many gifs and emojis as possible!

You can opt out of having the bot comment on first time pull requests, pull request merges, or new issues by not filling in a value for each app's respective field.

For some inspiration about what kind of content to include in your .github/config files, check out Electron's Configuration.