Adds version and commit hash as an overlay to your iOS app's icon.
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XcodeIconTagger can add a version number, git commit hash or custom text as an overlay to your iOS app's icon. This can be really useful for beta or ad hoc builds, just a glimpse at Springboard can reveal which version of your app is installed on a device! The idea for this tool came from Evan Doll who presented it at NSConference #5 as a part of development setup that Flipboard is using.


The entry point of the tagger is script, which takes two arguments: <command> /path/to/.../<icons-directory> [optional-custom-tag]

The available commands are:

  • commit - tag icons with git commit hash
  • version - tag icons with semantic+build version string
  • custom - tag icons with a custom string, provided at the end of the command
  • cleanup - restore the icons to their original state by performing a git checkout on their directory

The easiest way to use XcodeIconTagger is from a Run Script Build Phase in Xcode, where it grabs the location of the application's Info.plist file. Place an invocation like the following somewhere before the Copy Files Build Phase that copies the directory containing your icons:

if [ $CONFIGURATION == "Debug" ] ; then
	/path/to/.../ commit /path/to/.../<icons-directory>
elif [ $CONFIGURATION == "Release" ] ; then
	/path/to/.../ version /path/to/.../<icons-directory>

If instead of version/hash info in the tag, you want to put "My custom string":

/path/to/.../ custom /path/to/.../<icons-directory> "My custom string"

Then, somewhere after the Copy Files Build Phase for icons:

/path/to/.../ cleanup /path/to/.../<icons-directory>

Sample tagged icon

Tagged Icon