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Releases: bellflower2015/cpuminer-opt

v3.21.2-bf: Support macOS (some algos reduced)

06 Mar 20:29
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Support macOS

  • Reduce some algos for support macOS
    • argon2
    • hodl
    • m7m
    • neoscrypt
  • Homebrew required for macOS
    $ brew install curl jansson openssl@3 gmp

v3.8.12-bf: Add support for bech32 address


26 Mar 19:50
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Algo update for Yenten 3.1.0

  • Yenten (-a yespowerr16 or -a yenten)
  • Old Yenten (-a yespower05r16)

for macOS (reduced version) (2019-04-28)

  • Many algorithms can not be used, but YesPoWer can.
  • macOS High Sierra or above, and Homebrew required
    $ brew install curl jansson openssl gmp


11 Sep 02:11
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YesPoWer 0.5 support

  • BitZeny (-a yespowerr8 or -a bitzeny)
  • Yenten (-a yespowerr16 or -a yenten)
  • JagaricoinR (-a yespowerr24 or -a jagaricoinr)
  • Wavi (-a yespowerr32 or -a wavi)

Add aliases for YesPoWer 1.0

  • Bellcoin (-a bellcoin equals -a yespower)
  • Cryply (-a cryply equals -a yespower)

About Bellcoin (a new YesPoWer coin):


10 Sep 18:34
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YesPoWer 1.0 support

  • Bellcoin and Cryply (-a yespower)