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Style for Belly


Use with Bower

Import modules with this path in your Sass files:

@import 'bower_components/rolodex/assets/stylesheets/rolodex';

Use with Rubygems

Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'rolodex'

Import modules to your Sass files:

@import 'rolodex'


Rolodex uses Gulp to build and minify assets. Before you release an updated version, make sure to run:

gulp build


Rolodex uses semver for versioning. Bower will pick up new releases by the tags.

  1. Run $ gulp build to create the minified files
  2. Bump VERSION in rolodex/lib/rolodex/version.rb
  3. Commit the minified files and version bump ($ git commit -am 'Release v4.2.0')
  4. Create a new git tag with the ($ git tag v4.2.0)
  5. Push the git tag ($ git push --tags)
  6. Build the new gemspec ($ gem build rolodex.gemspec)
  7. Push to ($ gem push rolodex-4.2.0.gem)