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undelay! (Ándale!)

by Bemi Faison

version 0.0.3 (5/25/12)


Undelay patches window.setTimeout such that zero and one millisecond delayed callbacks execute faster.

Setting delays above one millisecond are handled by the browser's native window.setTimeout method. Undelay also patches window.clearTimeout to work with the numeric timeout identifiers.

Undelay works transparently in any browser environment that supports window.postMessage and message events. Just include this script, to improve UI performance and responsiveness in your web applications.


  • This is an experimental project. Please test and apply with caution!
  • Undelay is a self-executing routine that does not add to the global namespace.
  • The minified version is only 672 bytes (gzipped)!
  • Undelay supports passing additional parameters as callback arguments, and does not fork this behavior for Internet Explorer (which doesn't support passing callback arguments).
  • Accelerated callbacks do not have a default time-delay argument, as with FireFox's native implementation.
  • Undelay listens to message events, originating from the host page's protocol and domain. The exception to this rule is for local files, wherein the message origin is "*" (i.e., any window). The message data is also validated.
  • Currently, there is no API for disabling undelay. Instead, simply remove the script from your web page.


  • src/ - Directory containing the source code
  • - This readme file
  • LICENSE - The legal terms and conditions under which this software may be used
  • undelay-min.js - The undelay codebase, minified for production


Undelay is available under the terms of the MIT-License.

Copyright 2012, Bemi Faison