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A Laravel Mix extension to convert Twig files to Html
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Laravel Mix Twig to Html

A Laravel Mix extension to convert twig files to html.


Install the extension:

npm install laravel-mix-twig-to-html --save-dev


yarn add laravel-mix-twig-to-html --dev

Then require and configure the extension within your webpack.mix.js.

Simple configuration

Create the html pages from a string (or an array) of minimatch supported paths to your twig files.

const mix = require('laravel-mix');


    files: 'src/templates/**/*.{twig,html}',
    fileBase: 'src/templates',

Advanced configuration

Additional output options allow you to set custom html-webpack-plugin options and twig options.

const mix = require('laravel-mix');


const files = [
        template: 'src/templates/about/**/*.twig',
        title: 'About',
        template: 'src/templates/index.twig',
        title: 'Home',
        inject: false, // disable asset tag injection

    files: files,
    fileBase: 'src/templates',
    twigOptions: { data: {} },

Underscore to ignore

Files or folders prefixed with an underscore are ignored from html output. This is a handy feature for ignoring component and layout files.

Ignored files:


Name Type Default Description
files * string / array [] Paths to your twig source files (supports minimatch)
An array of objects to pass to html-webpack-plugin
fileBase * string `` The base path to your template folder
twigOptions object {} The twig-html-loader options, see twig-html-loader for the options
enabled boolean true Turns the extension on or off manually

* = Required


This extension was created for the Agency Webpack Mix Config.

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