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AT Fellows Project


RodRego is a simple register machine simulator illustrating the computational capabilities of the INC/DEB language model. The project was launched in 1986 at Tufts University by Prof. Daniel Dennett. The current simulator comes in the form of a desktop application.

My project is to create a port for the simulator in JavaScript, preserving all the capabilities of the original desktop simulator in a new web application.

For more information about the original project, click here.

To Do

Round 2:

  • Register Highlighting for Active Box
  • Add Sound for INC/DEB buttons
  • Add Clickable Dots (able for count to jump to corresponding value)
  • Add "By Dan Dennett etc." to page
  • Fix Safari Sound Problem
  • Adjust Options Layout to work with jBox Modal view
    • Improve layout of options (make more clear)
    • Give options visual queues / icons
    • Auto close modal if example script selected

Round 1:

  • Improve UI/UX
    • Overall Aesthetics
    • Update Buttons
    • Improve Command Printing
    • Add Box "lights"
  • Implement runCommands()
    • Working Counters
    • Working Sound
    • Working Command Highlighting
    • Infinite Loop Handling
    • Step Button
  • Implement printCommands()
    • Basic Version
    • Advanced Version
  • Implement readCommands()
    • Command Parsing
    • Check Individual Command (cmdFail)
    • Check Command Stream (progression from 1 to 2 to 3...)
    • In-line Commenting (ex: 1 inc 2 2 # comment)
  • Additional Features
    • Number / Bean Count
      • Add Number Counting
      • Add Automatic Toggle (> 15)
      • Add Toggle Option
    • "How To"/"About" Page
      • Implement Code
      • Fix Styling
      • Finalize Wording
    • Variable Speed
    • Load Standard Scripts
      • Pre-set input (Addition, Subtraction, etc.)
      • Add all scripts
      • Repeated Script Input
    • Sound Off Button