a simple express & passport app that provides a secure interface to send a tweet
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Just Tweet

This is a node example app that simply allows logging in and sending a tweet.

You can try it out on my server. I don't save your oauth token; it is saved in an encrypted cookie. Or you can run this app yourself.


To deploy, follow these instructions:

0. Clone the repo

Clone this repo and change into the directory.

1. Create the app

Run heroku create myappname. Yes, Heroku did switch to using cedar!

2. Register a Twitter app

Go to twitter's developer page and register an app. Set the callback url to https://myappname.herokuapp.com/auth/callback. Yes this is protected with SSL! If you try accessing it without SSL, it will redirect.

3. Configure the app

Paste this into a text editor, and change the session secret to something random, and change the twitter credentials and callback to the ones you got from the previous step:

heroku config:add \
  NODE_ENV=production \
  SESSION_SECRET=hard_to_guess_session_secret_here \
  TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY=your_twitter_consumer_key_here \
  TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET=your_twitter_consumer_secret_here \

Then run it!

4. Push the app

Run git push heroku master and watch it deploy!

5. Try it out

If everything worked properly, you should be able to go to the site (heroku open), sign in, and send a tweet!

Running locally

Running locally is similar. The configuration file is slightly different.

export SESSION_SECRET=hard_to_guess_session_secret_here
export TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY=your_twitter_consumer_key_here
export TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET=your_twitter_consumer_secret_here
export TWITTER_CALLBACK_URL=http://localhost:3000/auth/callback

Once you've saved a modified version of this, run these commands:

source /path/to/config_file.sh
npm install -g supervisor
supervisor server.js

Privacy Policy

Twitter's API TOS requires me to have a privacy policy, and to say how I use cookies.

Cookies are only used to hold simple sessions, containing your username and OAuth credentials. The credentials are encrypted using yummy. These aren't stored in a database on the server, but only pass through the server when making requests.

Tweets are sent when clicking the tweet button. The text in the tweet box is sent verbatim.

I am not using any analytics service on the site.

This policy may change, and when it is, it will be updated here.


Public Domain. See http://unlicense.org/ for more information.