Frequently Asked Questions

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I don't like your CSS, can I use my own?

Yes, (and I don't blame you). Simply create a file in your theme directory called "resume-style.css" and the plugin will pull that style sheet rather than its built in default style.

The included template doesn't fit into my theme all that well, can I build my own?

Yes. Simply place a file in your theme directory and call it "resume.php" (or "resume-json.php" or "resume-text.php" for the feeds) and edit away. The plugin will use your template, rather than the one included. It may be easier to begin by copying the default template into your theme folder and editing it to meet your needs rather than starting from scratch.

hResume? What's that

hResume is a machine-readable format for sharing your resume on the net. It's a format that allows both users (you and me) and computers (automated job searching software) to read your resume. You don't have to do anything special to take advantage of the format, just fill out your resume if you would normally.

I need a plain-text version of my resume to paste into a job application, can you help me out?

Yes. Just append "?feed=text" to the URL of your resume. So if you resume were at, the plain text version would be at

I'm building a really cool app and it'd be awesome if I could get a JSON feed of the resume content to do awesome stuff

Awesome. Just append "?feed=json" to the URL of your resume and you're all set. So if you resume were at, the API frontend would be at

Wouldn't it be really cool if it could do X?

Yes. It probably would be. Leave a comment on the plugin page, and I'll try my best to make it happen, or if you're a developer, feel free to fork the code on Github and send a pull request to get your feature included.

I just want to make a small tweak to the CSS, do I have to do the whole template thing?

No. WP Resume includes a default stylesheet that can easily be overridden by your theme's defaults or other CSS you may drop in.

I'm having trouble organizing some of the positions on the options screen; they're not sortable. What gives?

Make sure all your positions are associated with sections.

How do Permissions work?

Default permissions are automatically mapped to any standard WordPress roles (e.g., administrator, author, etc.) The ability to edit a positions is defined by edit_resume_position, to delete is delete_resume_position, etc., following the standard syntax and roles as for posts. Additionally, edit_resume allows access to the Resume->Options settings panel, and edit_others_resume allows access to other users' Resume->Options settings panel. To modify the default permissions, take a look at permissions plugins such as Members.

Can I display just one section on a page?

Yes! Simply pass a "section" parameter to the shortcode. You can identify the section by name, by ID, or by slug. Note, if your section has a hyphen in it, you may need to identify the section by ID. Examples: [wp_resume section="9"] or [wp_resume section="experience"].