A small collection of functions for Go testing.
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Testing Functions for Go

Below is a small collection of testing functions for Go. You don't need to import this as a dependency. Just copy these to your project as needed.

No, seriously. They're tiny functions. Just copy them.

import (

// assert fails the test if the condition is false.
func assert(tb testing.TB, condition bool, msg string, v ...interface{}) {
    if !condition {
        _, file, line, _ := runtime.Caller(1)
        fmt.Printf("\033[31m%s:%d: "+msg+"\033[39m\n\n", append([]interface{}{filepath.Base(file), line}, v...)...)

// ok fails the test if an err is not nil.
func ok(tb testing.TB, err error) {
    if err != nil {
        _, file, line, _ := runtime.Caller(1)
        fmt.Printf("\033[31m%s:%d: unexpected error: %s\033[39m\n\n", filepath.Base(file), line, err.Error())

// equals fails the test if exp is not equal to act.
func equals(tb testing.TB, exp, act interface{}) {
    if !reflect.DeepEqual(exp, act) {
        _, file, line, _ := runtime.Caller(1)
        fmt.Printf("\033[31m%s:%d:\n\n\texp: %#v\n\n\tgot: %#v\033[39m\n\n", filepath.Base(file), line, exp, act)