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RPlay v0.03
Benjamin de Callatay
April 22, 2011

What it is
This program is in alpha version.
It emulates an Airport Express for the purpose of streaming music from iTunes and compatible iPods. It implements a server for the Apple RAOP protocol.

Double clicking on RPlay.jar in the DIST folder should be enough...

Big thanks to David Hammerton for releasing an ALAC decoder and to soiaf for porting it to Java (
Thanks to Jame Laird for his C implementation (shairport -
Thanks to anyone involved in one of the libraries i used for creating this software.

Libraries & References
These libraries are included in RPlay:

* [David Hammerton]
* [James Laird]
* [soiaf]
* [adeward] (
* [jblezoray] (
* [Maik Schulz] for Mac OS X bundle (now obsolete)
* [csholmq]
* Everyone who has helped with shairport, the alac decoder (or the java port of it), apache commons lib or bouncycastle lib (see their README)

* 0.01a  April 22, 2011
    * initial release: able to communicate with iTunes (RTSP server ok)
* 0.01b  May 01, 2011
    * First working version. Still buggy. Usable.   
* 0.01c   May 06, 2011
    * First binary version. Need feedback.
* 0.02    April 29, 2013
    * Fixed auto-startup and enabled RPlayNoGui.jar.
* 0.03    May 2, 2013
    * Added password support. Also replaced mDNSResponder with JmDNS.