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Simple and Lightweight Auth System for CodeIgniter
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Ion Auth 3

The future of authentication

by Ben Edmunds

Simple and lightweight authentication for your CodeIgniter apps.

Ion Auth 2 dropped any backwards compatibility and made things more awesome.

Ion Auth 3, while not dropping as much backwards compatibility, made things even more awesome!

Server requirements

Ion Auth 3 needs CodeIgniter 3 and PHP 5.6. It should work on 5.4 as well, but we strongly advise you NOT to run such old versions of PHP, because of potential security and performance issues. In this case, you may need password_compat.


Documentation is located at


See file.


See file.


In the package you will find example usage code in the controllers and views folders. The example code isn't the most beautiful code you'll ever see but it'll show you how to use the library and it's nice and generic so it doesn't require a MY_controller or anything else.

Default Login

Username: Password: password


It is highly recommended that you use encrypted database sessions for security!


If you think you've found a bug please Create an Issue.

If you need a customization or help implementing Ion Auth into your project please Email Me for Consulting Information.

If your company would like a support contract or service agreement please Reach Out to discuss available options.

For Help

If you're having an issue with CodeIgniter or for general help with development I recommend checking out the CodeIgniter Forums.

If you think you've found a bug please Create an Issue.

-Ben Edmunds

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