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CodeIgniter library wrapper for the Twilio API class
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Twilio CodeIgniter Library

by Ben Edmunds

A basic Twilio REST API CodeIgniter library wrapper using the PHP class provided by Twilio.

Sorry I don't use or support this library anymore.  Use at your own risk.  You can check the official PHP SDK here:

Just drop the files in their appropriate folders (ie "libraries/twilio.php" goes in your "libraries" folder) and add your settings in the "config/twilio.php" file.

All calls to the rest class are routed through the library class, so for example:

instead of:
$client = new TwilioRestClient($AccountSid, $AuthToken);
$response = $client->request("/$ApiVersion/Accounts/$AccountSid/Calls", "POST", $data); 

you would do something like:
$this->twilio->request("/$ApiVersion/Accounts/$AccountSid/Calls", "POST", $data);

-Ben Edmunds
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