A simple In-Process Message Bus for .NET
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Fabrik.SimpleBus is a simple in-process message bus written in C# that uses TPL Dataflow to provide asynchronous messaging capabilities.

This is useful when you are handling messages asynchronously or need to fire-and-forget.

Getting Started

Creating a new message bus instance:

IBus bus = new InProcessBus();

Subscribing with a delegate

Both synchronous and asynchronous delegates are supported.

bus.Subscribe<string>(message => Console.WriteLine("Received message: {0}", message));
bus.Subscribe<string>(async message => await WriteMessageAsync(message));

Strongly typed message handlers

public class Message
    public string Body { get; set; }

public class MessageHandler : IHandle<Message>
    public void Handle(Message message)
        Console.WriteLine("{0} handled {1}", this.GetType().Name, typeof(Message).Name);

public class AsyncMessageHandler : IHandleAsync<Message>
    public async Task HandleAsync(Message message, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
        await Task.Delay(1000);
        Console.WriteLine("{0} handled {1}", this.GetType().Name, typeof(Message).Name);

Note: Messages are matched to handlers based on whether they are or implement the required message type. This makes it possible to subscribe to all messages of a specific base class or interface.

Subscribing message handlers

In most cases you will want to initialize a handler per message, for example, you may need to construct the handler using your IoC tool.

IBus.Subscribe provides overloads for passing in a Func<IHandle> and Func<IHandlAsync> for this purpose:

bus.Subscribe<Message>(() => new MessageHandler());
bus.Subscribe<Message>(() => new AsyncMessageHandler());

Using StructureMap we may do something like this:



The IBus.Subscribe method returns a Guid subscription identifier. You can use this to unsubscribe at runtime:

var id = bus.Subscribe<string>(message => Console.WriteLine(message));

Note that unsubscribing a handler will not effect any messages currently being processed.

Sending messages

bus.SendAsync(input).ContinueWith(task => Console.WriteLine("Enter another message")).Wait();

Cancelling Message Sending

You can cancel the processing of a sent message by passing a CancellationToken.

bus.SendAsync(input, cancellationTokenSource.Token).Wait();

When a cancellation request is received, no more message subscribers are invoked for the current message.


Licensed under the MIT License.