A octagon-shaped light made from LED strips. Features multiple lighting modes and effects. Based on the ESP8266 platform.
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OctaLight is a DIY project. It consists of an led strip wired in an octagon shape with a cross in the middle of it. It is powered by a NodeMCU chip with WiFi capabilities. Through implementation of a simple HTTP server, the light reacts to GET requests. It can be controlled via the in-built web control panel.

Required libraries:

GET request endpoints

Route Description Arguments Response
*   page=[true | false] Whether to respond with the control panel. success or error message
/ Show the control panel.   control panel
/get Get the average light color.   color in RRGGBBWW
/on Set the light color to a warm white.    
/off Set the light color to black (off).    
/color Set the light color. color=[RRGGBBWW] (required) The color.  
transition=[int] The transition time in ms.
mode=[allinner | outer] Where to set color.
/alternate Alternating circles animation of different colors on the outer pixels. colors=[RRGGBBWWRRGGBBWWRR...] (required) The colors.  
duration=[int] Duration for one color in ms.
inner=[RRGGBBWW] The color on the inner pixels.
cycles=[int] Cycle count. "-1" for infinity.
/ripple Ripple animation from in to out of different colors. colors=[RRGGBBWWRRGGBBWWRR...] (required) The colors.
duration=[int] Duration for one color in ms.
cycles=[int] Cycle count. "-1" for infinity.
/spectrum Waving through the RGB spectrum. duration=[int] Duration for one cycle in ms.  
cycles=[int] Cycle count. "-1" for infinity.
/randomness Random colors on all pixels. frequency=[int] Number of new random pixels per second.  
/starlight A sky full of stars. color=[RRGGBBWW] Pixel color.  
frequency=[int] Number of pixel switches per minute.
max=[int] Maximum number of pixels on at the same time.
/stroboscope Fast-flashing stroboscopic light. colors=[RRGGBBWWRRGGBBWWRR...] (required) The colors.  
frequency=[int] Number of flashes per second.
blacks=[int] Number of black phases between flashes.
mode=[random | random_spectrum | order]

The ordering mode of the colors.
random: random order
random_spectrum: random colors
order: ordered as in colors


Pixel zero is situated at the controller and the outer pixels (red) range counterclockwise back to it. From there the inner pixels (green) form a bow. Not all the strips can be connected directly: There has to be a cable connection to connect the two inner strands (black-green).

Parts list