A *very* simple ODM for MongoDB and NeDB on Node.js (using JS Harmony).



Mongo only pawn in game of life

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MongoSmash is a super-minimal MongoDB/NeDB ODM for Node.js. It lets you treat JavaScript object as normal, and have changes persisted to MongoDB or NeDB. Unlike Mongoose, MongoSmash does not require the use of schemas, so you can truly take advantage of the schemaless nature of your DB if you want. MongoSmash is implemented using Object.observe, and so is subject to its limitations on changes it can track, and requires Node 0.11.10+. You'll need to invoke node with the --harmony flag.

WARNING: MongoSmash is incomplete. It works, but it's missing a lot of features!


var dbURI = 'mongodb://';
require('mongodb').MongoClient.connect(dbURI, function(err, db) {
  if (err) throw err;

  var smash = require('mongosmash')(db);

  var fido = {breed: 'golden retriever', age: 3, gender: 'm', name: 'Fido'};

  // smash.create(modelname, obj, cb) is shorthand for smash.new + smash.save
  smash.new('dog', fido); // adds observers. 'dog' is the mongodb collection name
  smash.save(fido, function(err, savedFido) { // savedFido has a _id
    if (err) throw err;

    savedFido.owner = 'Joe';
    smash.save(fido, function(err) { // no savedFido this time since it's an update
      if (err) throw err;

      smash.find({name: 'einstein'}, function(err, dogs){
        if (err) throw err;

        var einstein = dogs[0];
        // ... do something w/ einstein


You can run the benchmarks yourself as shown below. The results here are from my MacBookAir5,2. K-ops/sec means "thousand calls of the given function per second", so higher is better.

$ node -v
$ npm run bench

> mongosmash@0.1.0 bench /Users/benglish/mongosmash
> node --harmony bench/test

Failed to load c++ bson extension, using pure JS version

new           | 34.026          | 98.806            | 190.38
save          | 3.504           | 4.999             | 42.67
find          | 2.627           | 2.91              | 10.77
edit          | 55.441          | 174.096           | 214.02
saved edited  | 2.425           | 3.946             | 62.72
delete        | 5.915           | 6.99              | 18.17

Of course a head-to-head comparison with Mongoose isn't necessarily realistic, since MongoSmash doesn't do things like validations. I recommend using a tool like revalidator or Joi to do your object validations.


Note: All the callbacks are the usual error-first callbacks you expect from asynchronous node.js APIs. In addition, if you omit the callback, a Promise is returned.

new MongoSmash(db)

You must pass in either an already-connected MongoDB connection (from nove-mongodb-native) or the NeDB module in its entirety. For the moment, only in-memory NeDB is supported.

#new(modelName, obj)

Sets up an object (obj) to have its changes tracked so we can save() it later. The modelName is equivalent to a MongoDB collection name. If you're doing this, you probably actually want create.

#save(obj, callback)

Does a MongoDB insert or update depending on the current status of the object. The error-first-style callback, which will call with a resultant object if it's a new object. The new object will also have a brand-new _id.

#create(modelName, obj, callback)

Runs new and then save immediately.

#find(query, callback)

Calls the callback error-first-style with an array of objects matching the MongoDB query. For the moment, projections are not supported.

#delete(obj, callback)

Deletes obj from the database, callback only takes in error.


Please do! See CONTRIBUTING.md