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A few simple Tilemill projects for styling the maps running in the Norx virtual machine. To use the styles clone the repo and copy the separate into Tilemill's project catalogue.

When you're happy with your map styles. Compile them to mapnik XML with carto:

Get and install the NorxVM

  • Before doing anything. you need VirtualBox and the NorxVM.
  • Add norx with the VM's IP (probably your localhost if using vagrant: to /etc/hosts
  • User and password to the NorxVM is available on NorxVM's github page

Create Mapnik XML

npm install -g carto
carto <project>.mml > mapnik.xml

and copy the resulting file into the VM:

scp mapnik.xml norx:/… 

Editing with Tilemill

  • Download Tilemill and install
  • Add norx with the VM's IP to /etc/hosts
  • Clone this project in your Tilemill project directory (~/Documents/MapBox/project on a OS X) cd ~/Documents/MapBox/project git clone
  • Run Tilemill and choose the Norx-project
  • Wait… (check your system-monitor to see that it is working. This can take minutes)
  • If everything works you should be able to edit and style the map.

Playing with hill shade, slope shade and color-relief in tilemill (advanced)

These files are BIG!

  • Copy the tiff-files from your VM after generating them (see the vm's readme) to your local disk
  • Create a layer in tilemill and choose your local file with the shading.
  • Set SRS to +proj=utm +zone=32 +units=m
  • Click Save & Style
  • Wait…
  • Arrange your layer in "Layers"
  • To get a good effect add raster-opacity: 0.5 and comp-op: multiply to your layer in the style editor. Raster opacity goes form 0 to 1. And other good comp-ops are multiply, darken and overlay.
  • Check the CartoCSS referance for more styling options
  • Read the Tilemill guides
  • NOTE! If you copy your new mapnik.xml back to the VM with shading-tif, you need to manually referance the tiff-files to the correct path on the VM.


Simple style for the N50 dataset for Tilemill







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