Using the Omega Basetheme, this is a subtheme.css that colors the regions for easy customization. It also splits the content menu up.
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/* Created: 16-05-2011. Modified 16-05-2011 17:35 */

Readme for Omega Base Theme subtheme.css

This is intended to make subtheming using the Omega Theme system quicker by creating a subtheme.css with commonly used and overridden values. The colors are meant to be replaced. The .info file also has been modified to reflect this issue:

It adds wrappers around the content for bettery coloring.

It requires the Omega them folder because it is an Omega base theme.

Be sure to set the menu zone in the theme settings to dynamic, otherwise it won't display.

Omega/ PhettyRocker/

Both of these directories are needed. The PhettyRocker is a named subtheme of the Omega Base Theme.

You can easily create your own subthem using omega_tools: