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Silex OAuth authentication provider

This provider allows you to add an OAuth security authentication provider based on to your Silex project.


Use composer :

"require": {
    "benjam1/oauth-security-service-provider": "dev-master"

Then run php composer.phar install


KnpOAuthBundle rely on Buzz, so you first have to setup a buzz client:

$app['buzz.client.factory'] = $app->protect(function ($client) use ($app) {
    return $app->share(function () use ($client, $app) {
        $clients = array(
            'curl'      => '\Buzz\Client\Curl',
            'multicurl' => '\Buzz\Client\MultiCurl',
            'stream'    => '\Buzz\Client\FileGetContent',

        if (false == isset($clients[$client])) {
            throw new \InvalidArgumentException(sprintf('The client "%s" does not exist, curl, multicurl and stream availables.', $client));

        $client = $clients[$client];

        return new $client();

$this['buzz.client'] = $app['buzz.client.factory']('curl');

You can use the silex Buzz extension of Marc instead: but I didn't test it.

When Buzz is set up you can configure the security service:

    // app.php

    $app->register(new OAuthSecurityServiceProvider());

    $app['security.firewalls'] = array(
        'front' => array(
            'pattern' => '^.*',
            'oauth' => array(
                'oauth_provider'    => 'google',
                'infos_url'         => '',
                'username_path'     => 'email',
                'scope'             => '',
                'login_path'        => '/login',
                'check_path'        => '/login_check',
                'failure_path'      => '/',
                'client_id'         => 'yourclientid,
                'secret'            => 'yourapplicationsecret',

Add your user provider (see to do that) and you are done.

More information about Silex: