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Color Tool Remix 🎨 A cross platform color utility app
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Color Tool Remix

An HSL color picker, dropper, color analyzer and palette generator. The do it all color tool.

🧐 Looking for a contributor to help testing on macOS.

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Latest Release

Platform Auto Updates Exexutable
Windows yes electron-picker-remix-setup-[VERSION].exe
macOS no electron-picker-remix-setup-[VERSION].dmg
Linux N/A N/A

System warnings are normal due to lack of Code Signing



Create a color quickly, via a variety of input methods

  • Color Bars
    • Adjust Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Alpha Color Bars
  • Fine Tuning
    • Adjust Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Alpha Input Values
  • Color String Parser
    • Parses hsl, rgb, hex and css named colors
  • Random Color
    • Generates a random color excluding white, blacks and greys
  • Dropper
    • Select any pixel from the screen
  • Generators
    • Mathematically generate colors from one base color


Select a single pixel from anywhere on your screen


  1. Open Dropper
  2. Click anywhere on screen - zoomed in area will be displayed
  3. Optional - adjust zoomed area with arrow buttons
  4. Select individual pixel
  5. Click the check icon to confirm selection
  6. New color will appear in palette


Create, name, save and manage palettes for different projects


Generate colors based on color theory

  • Right click color swatch and select a generator

    • Complementary

    • Split Complementary

    • Triad

    • Tetrad

    • Analagous

    • Monochromatic

Project Mode

A minimal interface, ideal size for working on projects

  • User Interface
    • Displays 5 colors at a time
    • Click color to copy color string to clipboard
    • View color label to see ideal contrast color for text (dark or light)
    • Click arrows to cycle through color palette
    • Click hsl, rgb or hex to toggle output format
    • Click 📌 to set window always on top
    • Activate Dropper, restore full-size or open documentation


Capture the entire color theme of a website, application or photo

User Interface

  1. Hue, Saturation, Lightness & Opacity Color Bars
  2. Active Palette
  3. Hue, Saturation, Lightness & Opacity Value Inputs
  4. Selected Color
  5. Color String Outputs in HSL, RGB, HEX formats
  6. Palette Name Input
  7. Add Color to Palette
  8. Switch to Dropper Mode
  9. Open Color String Parser
  10. Generate Random Color
  11. Switch to Project Mode
  12. Open Options
  13. Save Active Palette to disk
  14. View Saved Palettes
  15. Clear Active Palette
  16. Open Documentation


Option Description Type Default
Alpha Mode Toggle alpha component in color Boolean false
Always On Top Pin app to top of window Boolean false
Palette Format Color string format in Palettes String 'hsl'
Accent Color Accent color for icon UI String 'dodgerblue'
Dropper Analyzer Count # of colors returned by Analyzer Number 8

Tech Stack

Package Description Link
electron Build cross platform apps with JavaScript, HTML and CSS Docs
electron-webpack Compile Electron code with Webpack Docs
electron-builder Package and build Electron apps for distribution Docs
electron-prompt-benjaminadk Custom fork to generate prompt/alert/confim Repo
react JavaScript library for building user interfaces Docs
react-dom React package for working with the DOM Repo
styled-components Visual primitives for the component age Docs
color-string Parses a variety of color formats Repo


Keep up with new features and changes in the Changelog




For those who would like to show their appreciation the hours of work going into this free app

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