Minimal "Good Parts" JavaScript on the Rubinius VM
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Minimal "Good Parts" JavaScript on the Rubinius VM.

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The subset contained the best of the Good Parts. Even though it was a small language, it was very expressive and powerful. [...] There was nothing ugly or bad in the subset. All of that fell away.

-- Douglas Crockford, The Good Parts (pg. 98, Chapter 10)

In that spirit, this is Minimal JavaScript (mjs) meant to run on the Rubinius VM.

The goal is that if you stick to the "Good Parts" of JavaScript, you can run on Rubinius and elsewhere. Also, it's meant to be a simple, easily understood (yet powerful) language implementation on the Rubinius VM.


  • capuchin: JavaScript, but made for a different purpose? Maybe able to co-op.
  • poison: An interpretation of Potion on the Rubinius VM. Slides
  • fancy: Ruby influenced language on the Rubinius VM
  • twostroke: Basically the same idea :)