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Bindings for an evented language (Node.js) to an evented OS (Haiku, née OpenBeOS).
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Bindings for an evented language (Node.js) to an evented OS (Haiku, née OpenBeOS).

I'm gauging interest right now, so please become a watcher if you're interested. It's currently very early in development. Contributions are very welcome (see Contributing).

Have experience with:

  • Node.js internals?
  • The Haiku API?
  • Porting languages to Haiku?
  • Anything else related?

Your input, interest, and contributions are valuable and encouraged!


While reading through the Haiku documentation (more specifically, Programming the Be Operating System), I realized that the event loop structure of the Haiku API is very similar to what Node.js provides. Writing bindings for Node to interact with Haiku seems interesting. Primarily, this is a place for me to play with both Node and Haiku as I would like to learn more about both, just for fun.

Want more of a background? See the documentation on the message (event) loop, BLooper, BHandler and BMessage.

To Dos


Wow, you want to contribute? That's great, thanks! Please contact @benjaminoakes with any pull requests. Any and all contributions are welcome.

Getting Started:

  • Download the lasest release of Haiku
  • You'll probably want to run it virtualized. VirtualBox is a good option.
  • Clone the repository (git's included with Haiku)

In a terminal:

git clone git://
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