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Small command line programs I've written. Lots of good text filtering ones.
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linux Linux utility stubs
osx `xdg-open` wrapper for OS X
.gitignore Updated README with warranty
ansi-color Standardized on dashes in filenames
average average: added exit to show_usage
backups2git (m) Description
check-dell-multifunction check-dell-multifunction: --help
check-diff Added check-diff
csv2csv SAS column name limit checks
csv2yaml Added csv2yaml
datestamp Misc
decode64 + decode64
erbify markdownize: --help
extract-links Added extract-links
git-key-commits More git-key-commits access
git-plush git-plush: pass along arguments
git-whoami `git whoami`, like `bzr whoami`
github-init github-init: fixed bug that caused the repository name not to be set.
heroku-releases heroku-releases: "Back up Heroku release info to files."
is-computer-on is-computer-on: --help
iso8601 iso8601: use underscore.js
latest-migration-path Added latest-migration-path
le Added 'le'
make-script-executable Added make-script-executable
markdownize textilize: --help
matlab-cmd matlab-cmd: --help
mirror Misc
package.json Update coffee-script
random-lines New: random-lines (good for checking CSV files by hand)
reverse reverse: --help (and much simplified implmentation
rocco-rails New: rocco-rails
scrub-code I had `scrub-whitespace` already; renamed
scrub-selenium (m) Formatting
seconds (m)
sqlite2csv sqlite2csv: --help
strlen strlen: better arg processing
textilize textilize: --help
timestamp datestamp, timestamp: --help
track-uptime track-uptime: --help
tweetable_quote playm3u and tweetable_quote
unix2dos (m) Fixed grammar
url-unescape First working version of comment-and-test. It could do less work whil…
url-unshorten renamed: unshorten-url -> url-unshorten
view-csv Misc
word-distribution word-distribution: --help


Author: Benjamin Oakes

Small command line programs I like to have at my fingertips. Many are useful as filters in vim, for example.

Most have a "--help" option that will display usage information, examples, etc. Platform specific files are located in directories (such as "osx" and "linux"). I use some of these all the time, but others get used fairly infrequently. I'd recommend making backups just to be safe (especially for something like backups2git). In legalese:

This software distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

NOTE: Several of these lived in a private Bazaar repository for quite a while. I decided to break the version history when moving them to git (I think there may have been private info somewhere in there). If you run into a problem, I still have the older versions available.

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