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Bijou (LaunchBar Theme)

Bijou is a theme for LaunchBar 6 inspired by Vintage (also called Small), the default theme for LaunchBar 5. Previously, this theme was called El Capitan Small, but has since been updated for macOS Mojave.

LaunchBar with Bijou Light enabled

Bijou comes with a light and a dark variant.

Using instant send with Bijou Dark

Bijou differs from the Vintage theme in a number of ways. Mainly, the abbreviations font weight is bolder, there are no badges or accent colours when info browsing, and the text input background is colourless.

Info browsing with the Bijou Light theme


Download this repository as a .zip file and open the Bijou Light.lbtheme and/or Bijou Dark.lbtheme files.

If you want to remove Bijou in the future, you can find the installed .lbtheme files in your ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Themes/ directory.


This theme wouldn't be possible without Objective Development and LaunchBar—and without access to Objective Development's own Base, Base Dark, and Vintage themes. Thanks! 🦀