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Read and write uncompressed BMP image files
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Reading and writing uncompressed BMP files.

  • Supports uncompressed 24bit RGB and 32bit RGBA WindowsV3, WindowsV4 and WindowsV5 formats.

  • We don't support the plain OS/2 BitmapCoreHeader and BitmapCoreHeader2 image headers, but I haven't yet seen one of these in the wild.

To write a file do something like:

do let rgba   = Data.ByteString.pack [some list of Word8s]
   let bmp    = packRGBA32ToBMP width height rgba
   writeBMP fileName bmp

To read a file do something like:

do Right bmp  <- readBMP fileName
   let rgba   =  unpackBMPToRGBA32 bmp
   let (width, height) = bmpDimensions bmp


As bmp is now fairly stable, I typically make releases only when there is a new GHC version. If you have added a new feature or fixed a bug, and want your pull request merged sooner than that, then send email to benl AT I don't pay attention to github notifications, but am happy to receive emails from people. If you have changed any internal functionality then please test that all the example images under data/ still load with the test/Dump.hs harness.

If you just want to bump a dependency version then get a Hackage trustee to edit the package information directly on Hackage. You don't need to raise a pull request here.

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