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Welcome to the ULCEK repo

Instructions and code are provided on

For instructions on building your own kit please view

Please submit a issue if you have any suggestions.

Notes on Teaching and pricing

This kit was originally designed as a means for a single person to educate a small group of people. The kit was designed to be small so that if any participants are interested, they can purchase one directly. The data collected from two different classes: one made up entirely of undergraduates and another made up of high school seniors and undergraduates show that a price below $5 is suspect of the quality, while above $20 would start to get expensive for them. I think a price of $14 ~ $16 would be good price just for the kit alone.

Installation should be done at home with 30 minutes allocated to getting everyone's laptops working. Expect 50% to 20% of the laptops being unable to interface with the board because of driver issues, strange things, and power-only USB cables. Anticipate and encourage students sharing.

It would be better to gloss over the basics to electronics first, teaching them to blink an LED, use a sensor, and then animate Neopixels. I find that the most entertaining section is the Neopixels, and they will spend considerable time modifying their designs. Emphasize that the kit is also WiFi and allows for Internet of Things projects.

The nice thing is that the class is rated 4.8/5 in terms of fun, which is quite encouraging.

Questions to ask

  1. How was the class?

  2. I learned something, but I wish it was more interesting

  3. I learned something

  4. I had a bit of fun, but I would chose to do something else

  5. I had a lot of fun, but I would chose to do something else

  6. I had a lot of fun, and I would do it again

  7. How much would you consider the Kit be priced so low that you feel the quality wouldn't be very good?

  8. How much would you consider the Kit starting to get expensive, so that you'd have to give some thought to buying it?

  9. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

  10. What future hardware would you like to see demonstrated?