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jQuery Stick

Stick is a simple plugin that will make an element stick in place as you scroll



There are only a few options:

  • offset: the distance from the top of the screen the element should be.
  • onStick: a callback for when the element sticks.
  • onUnstick: a callback when the element stops being sticky.

You can set the options by passing in an object:

  offset: 10,
  onStick: function () {},
  onUnstick: function () {}

As a shortcut, you can pass an integer in and jquery-stick will use that as the offset value:



This plugin was made when I couldn't find a simple enough existing jquery plugin while I was building the latest version of Braintree's documentation site. In this site I'm sticking two different elements, the sidebar menu and the top menu.


Copyright (c) 2011 Ben Mills Licensed under the MIT license