A simple example of using angular-universal with java backend using J2V8
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Angular-Universal with Java backend using J2V8

This repository contains a simple (and very initial) example of using angular-universal with java backend using J2V8.


  • Rendering using angular universal from java using J2V8
  • Serving both the application and other rest endpoint from java using sparkjava
  • Basic live-reload support for the universal server build
  • Linux x64 only
  • Multi-Node (each in its own thread) rendring
  • Java level cache for increasing performance (using the cache assumes that the render function is pure)
  • The renderer itself (not including the usage example) dependes on J2V8 and Guava


  • Fetch J2V8 from maven central
  • Support other platforms
  • Performance tests
  • Documentation and code-cleanup
  • Orginize project structure
  • Implement a more complex client side application
  • Check if can model the bootstrap configuration object in java in order to remove the need for server.js completely
  • Cleanup and improvement of the JavaEngine (currently almost blindly based on the expressEngine)
  • Remove the direct gson dependency
  • Expose the cache through configuration
  • Make the configuration object api fluid


  • x64 Linux (tested on ubuntu 16.04)
  • Java 8
  • Maven
  • NPM

##Running Instructions

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Install node dependencies (npm install)
  3. Build the java server(mvn clean package)
  4. Build&Watch angular-universal + angular client side code (npm start)
  5. Execute the java server (mvn -e exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="hello.ngu.j2v8.Server")
  6. Open your browser on http://localhost:3000/app/


###Thanks and credits

  • The Angular-Universal-related files are based on Angular 2 Universal starter kit with very small modifications
  • Special thanks to @irbull for the great J2V8 library and he's help.