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Simple CouchDB API internal wrapper.

This library wrap CouchDB intenal API in simple call to help you in building CouchDB plugings.

This api is compatible with CouchDb 1.1.x and trunk (1.2.x) .


$ export COUCHDB_SRC=/path/to/sources/src/couchdb
$ erlc -I $COUCHDB_SRC *.erl

Note: Move it in couchdb beam folder if you want to use it easily.

Getting started

Create a database

Options = [{user_ctx, #user_ctx{roles=[<<"_admin">>]}}],
{ok, Db} = couchc:create_db("couchc_testdb", Options).

Save a document

Doc = {[{<<"_id">>, <<"doc1">>}, {<<"v">>, 1}]},
{pk, DocID, DocRev} =  couchc:save_doc(Db, Doc).

Open a document

{ok, Doc1} = couchc:open_doc(Db, DocId).

Delete a document

{ok, DocID, NewDocRev} = couchc:delete_doc(Doc, {DocId, DocRev}).

Save multiple documents

Docs = [
        {[{<<"_id">>, <<"a">>}, {<<"v">>, 1}, {<<"t">>, <<"test">>}]},
        {[{<<"_id">>, <<"b">>}, {<<"v">>, 2}, {<<"t">>, <<"test">>}]}],
Results = couchc:save_docs(Db, Docs),

Get all documents

{ok, {TotalRowsCount, Offset, Results1}} = couchc:all(Db).


DesignDoc = {[
        {<<"_id">>, <<"_design/test">>},
                    <<"function (doc) {\n if (doc.t == \"test\") {\n emit(doc._id, doc);\n}\n}">>

{ok, _, _} = couchc:save_doc(Db, DesignDoc),
{ok, {TotalRowsCount, Offset, Results1}} = couchc:all(Db, {<<"test">>, <<"v1">>})

This function get all documents in the view. You can use fold instead of all to fold documents. the all function is written like this:

collect_results(Row, Acc) ->
    {ok, [Row | Acc]}.

all(Db, ViewName, Options) ->
    fold(Db, ViewName, fun collect_results/2, Options).

That's it. More documentation is coming soon.

Test it

$ ERL_FLAGS="-pa /path/to/couchc" ./util/run -i

Eshell V5.8.4  (abort with ^G)
1> Apache CouchDB 1.2.0a-0cd6405-git (LogLevel=info) is starting.
Apache CouchDB has started. Time to relax.
[info] [<0.36.0>] Apache CouchDB has started on

1> couchc_test:test().
[info] [<0.214.0>] checkpointing view update at seq 2 for couchc_testdb _design/test
[info] [<0.214.0>] checkpointing view update at seq 3 for couchc_testdb _design/test
[info] [<0.214.0>] checkpointing view update at seq 4 for couchc_testdb _design/test
[info] [<0.214.0>] Shutting down view group server, monitored db is closing.
  All 5 tests passed.