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# Author: Benedikt Frenzel <>
# Purpose:
# Identify all running VMs on the Host, and get the LRO Statistics
Switches=`vsish -e ls /net/portsets/ | awk -F\/ '{ print $1}'`
VmWorlds=`esxcli network vm list | egrep '^\s' | awk '{print $1}'`
printf "%-15s %-30s %12s %12s %12s\n" "VM World" "VM Name" "Port ID" "LRO pkts" "LRO bytes";
printf "%s\n" "=====================================================================================";
for world in ${VmWorlds}; do
VmPorts=`esxcli network vm port list -w ${world} | egrep "Port ID:" | grep -v DV | grep -v Upl | awk '{print $3}'`
for port in ${VmPorts}; do
for switch in ${Switches}; do
pkts=`vsish -e get /net/portsets/${switch}/ports/${port}/vmxnet3/rxSummary 2>/dev/null | grep "LRO pkts" | awk -F\: '{ print $2}'`
name=`esxcli vm process list | grep -B1 ${world} | head -1`
if [[ ! -z ${pkts} ]]; then
bytes=`vsish -e get /net/portsets/${switch}/ports/${port}/vmxnet3/rxSummary 2>/dev/null | grep "LRO bytes" | awk -F\: '{ print $2}'`
printf "%-15s %-30s %12s %12s %12s\n" ${world} ${name} ${port} ${pkts} ${bytes};
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