A REPL and continuous test runner for Node.js Jasmine tests
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You shoudn't use this. This (github.com/guard/guard-jasmine-headless-webkit) is a much better alternative.

Jezebel - a Node.js REPL and continuous test runner for Jasmine

If you're writing tests using Node.js and Jasmine, Jezebel will help you get faster feedback. It runs your tests continuously (on each change to your code), and provides a shell (a.k.a REPL – Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop) that lets you interact with your project and your tests.


Stable version is available on npm, so you can install by using:

npm install jezebel --global

If you want to install the edge development version, simply clone this repo and install from it:

git clone git://github.com/benrady/jezebel.git
npm install ./jezebel

Using Jezebel

$ jezebel 
> ................................................................

Completed in 0.037 seconds
64 examples 


Jezebel runs all your tests when it starts, and every time a .js file in or under the current directory is changed. You can force a test run by calling the runTests() function from the REPL. Other functions will become available as jezebel improves.


Jezebel can be customized by creating a .jezebel file in the root of your project (where Jezebel is run from). This file is loaded as a module and any functions that it exports will be available in the REPL. By exporting a settings object you can configure the behavior of Jezebel, and attach hooks to events such as onChange, onPass, onFail. See github.com/benrady/jezebel/blob/master/.jezebel for an example of this configuration.

Jezebel “Plugins”

Additional modules can easily be added to Jezebel by requiring them in your .jezebel file. The jezebel/utils module is included with Jezebel, but any node.js package included in your load path can be used. You can either use these modules in your config file, or re-export them for use in the REPL.


Under the covers, Jezebel uses Jessie (github.com/futuresimple/jessie) to run tests.


Copyright © 2011 Ben Rady. See LICENSE for details.