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This one was a long time coming - sorry about that. In my absence there have been some great contributions from the community, including:

  • a new status bar (which can be disabled) that summarizes active filters, sort etc, thanks @sckaushal
  • ability to use a short date format (eg 'mon'), thanks to @fretep
  • option to show/hide hidden tasks, to @geirkairam
  • optional disabling of checking for updates, thanks to @fretep
  • hold 'shift' when creating a task to retain the current context and project in the edit bar, thanks to @madman2021
  • option to automatically select an archive path, allowing you to have multiple done.txts alongside multiple todo.txts, thanks to @vain0
  • various bugfixes from @wierzba3 , @daveliao, @dlip and @rossipedia

Please see the full list of the pull requests since the last release for more details.

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Mike (@mjdescy) has put in a massive amount of work into this release, including:

  • more preset filters (you can now have up to 9)
  • intellisense to the filters window
  • the negation of due-date filters, eg "-due:future" will show you all tasks that do not have a due date set after today
  • appending text to multiple selected tasks (shortcut: t)
  • selecting multiple tasks and copy to clipboard
  • optional case-insensitive intellisense
  • optional word-wrap
  • many, many small UI tweaks and bugfixes

A big thanks to @Piscean and @adamzolotarev for their contributions too.

Please see the full list of the issues closed since the last release for more details.

Assets 4

@mjdescy put in a lot of work to chase down and fix a lot of focus/task selection issues that became more prevalent in the 3.0 release. He also fixed some due date parsing issues and a priority sorting issue.

@Piscean added the ability to postpone to a named day rather than needing to know how many days away it is.

Thanks to you both for your work :-)

@benrhughes benrhughes released this Oct 27, 2014 · 110 commits to dev since this release

Assets 4

Thanks to lots more hard work from @mjdescy, you can now select multiple tasks (ctrl-click, shift-up/down) and perform operations on them (archive, change priority etc).

Tasks now have a secondary (non-changeable, at this stage) sort applied, which makes the "group" view much more usable.

Other various bugs were fixed.

@benrhughes benrhughes released this May 8, 2014 · 115 commits to dev since this release

Assets 4

Many bug fixes and improvements, due to lots of hard work from @mjdescy:

  • ctrl-v to paste a task from the clipboard
  • edit menu and task menu, allowing mouse-access to all functions and showing the associated shortcuts
  • keyboard shortcuts for sorting
  • Set arbitrary due date or priority via a dialog
  • many miscellaneous bug fixes

@benrhughes benrhughes released this Apr 24, 2014 · 145 commits to dev since this release

Assets 4

The major change in this version is the introduction of a portable version. Thanks to @kvakulo for all his work on the installers.