patch editing and sharing for meeblip anode using web MIDI API
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Blipweb is a simple web app for creating and sharing patches for MeeBlip anode using the Web MIDI API, which is currently only supported by Chrome.

You can see a video of it in action at

To create patches, select the a) MIDI port your MeeBlip is connected to and b) MIDI channel your MeeBlip is configured to use. Change the knobs and switches and press "send to meeblip" for your changes to take effect. (Make sure you've got the right port and channel selected!)

To save your patch click "get patch link". You can save the link to a bookmarks folder, put it in a web page, etc. In this way you can create shareable libraries of patches for your MeeBlip.

There is a soundcloud group where you can share your patches. Find it at

blipweb Patches can also serve as a reference guide for creating sounds on your MeeBlip. For example, if you load a patch link in the app you can position the tactile knobs and switches on your MeeBlip to mirror those in the patch config to dial in the sound on your synth. Note that you need to use blipweb to control MeeBlip's MIDI-only params!

Also, the resonance control is not supported as it's analog only.

This version has been tested on my local system and works well. You can try out the latest stable version at

Read more about blipweb at

Feedback is welcome.