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Weather from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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Weather from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)


To get the weather forecast, there are a few options:

  1. Getting a location by name
    BOMWeather::Location.find({ :location => "NAME" })
  2. Getting a location by BOM location id
    BOMWeather::Location.find({ :loc_id => "ID" })
  3. Getting a whole state’s weather forecasts
    BOMWeather::Location.find({ :state => "STATE" })

    This takes state’s in abbreviated form (e.g. WA, NSW, VIC)

Provided this finds a location (or locations), you will get an array of Location objects.

You can then get access to the forecast information:

loc = BOMWeather::Location.find({ :location => "NAME" })

This returns an array of Forecast objects, each of which have the following accessible methods

  1. max_temp
  2. min_temp
  3. conditions
  4. forecast_date (a Time object)
  5. issue_time
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