A small (and messy) Python based CLI to fetch and search snippets from snippets.bentasker.co.uk
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A python based commandline utility to fetch the json representations from Snippet entries at https://snippets.bentasker.co.uk and display them as plain text.

Basically a tool for my own convenience, allows me to grab and search snippets without leaving the comfort of my terminal.

It's currently very rough and ready.


By default, pages are cached for a short time (at time of writing, 15 minutes) to avoid repeated requests to the server if a resource is continually being reviewed (or in the case of project pages, potentially re-used).

The CLI will allow you to interact with the cache to a small extent, and the cache is maintained between sessions by writing to an on-disk cache file. During execution the cache runs entirely in memory.

There's also an offline mode, which is initially toggled based upon a test request to the configured server. If the script believes that we're offline, then items in cache will not be invalidated, and attempts will not be made to fetch content from the server where an item isn't in cache. Offline mode can be manually turned on/off via the CLI (see below). It's a simplistic implementation but means I can review things without having connectivity.


  • Caching to reduce number of upstream connections
  • Pipe support
  • CLI maintains history
  • Offline reading mode
  • Shortcuts for the lazy
  • Search mechanism


Commands can be parsed in one of three ways

  • Piped (e.g. echo 4 | ./sbt_cli.py)
  • Interactivey (./sbt_cli.py)
  • As arguments (./sbt_cli.py 4)

Where something intended as single argument contains a space, it should be quoted:

./sbt_cli.py search 'RTMP Server'


The upstream JSON files define whether there's a 'next' or 'previous' issue, where those are available, you can switch to them by using the following keystrokes

[p|back] - move to the previous issue you viewed


[Num] - Jump to the specified Snippet ID (e.g. 4)
[Search phrase] - Search snippets for phrase
list - List all snippets in the system
help - Display this output

Snippet View

[Snippet ID] - Display the specified snippet
snippet [Num] - Display the specified snippet


If only a single snippet matches the given search, it will be printed directly

search [search phrase] - Search globally for any snippet with the phrase in title, keywords or similar to
search [search phrase] title - Search globally for any snippet with the phrase in title
search [search phrase] lang [language] - Filter search results to only include specified language
search [search phrase] similarto - Search for snippets that contain [string] in the list of things they're similar to
lang [language] - Output all snippets marked as being written for [language]

Cache Interaction

cache dump - Dumps out keys, values and expiry times from the cache (generates a *lot* of output)
cache fetch [issuekey|url] - Fetch the specified Issue/URL and write into cache
cache flush - Flush all values out of the cache (will also update the ondisk cache)
cache get [key] - Fetch the value of a specific item from the cache
cache invalidate [key] - Invalidate a specific item from the cache
cache LRU   - Run a least recently used cache clearance
cache print - Print keys and expiry times (but not values) from the cache

Set commands

set defaultttl [seconds] - Set the default cache ttl to number of seconds
set lrutarget [decimal] - The target percentage reduction if/when running a LRU
set Offline - Tell the cache we're offline
set Online - Tell the cache we're online


  • Add ability to cache entire archive
  • Trigger pager for particularly long output


SBTCli is Copyright (C) 2017 B Tasker. All Rights Reserved. Released under the GNU GPL V2 License, see LICENSE.