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A capable library for managing Windows tray icons in your Flutter app


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A capable tray icon plugin for Windows.

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Manage multiple icons 兩抽色,
generate their images at runtime
and compose them just like a widget


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  • Control multiple tray icons
  • Many options for setting the tray icons image
    • .ico file either from the file system or the Flutter assets directory
    • Set the pixels directly through an image buffer - you can use this to dynamically create an image via canvas!
    • Use default system icons like the or the elevation prompt ∴
  • Widget api - treat the tray icon as part of your UI and compose it in your build methods


After you've added betrayal to your dependencies via flutter pub add betrayal and flutter pub get, you can start to use it:

import 'package:betrayal/betrayal.dart';

// ...

Widget build(BuildContext context) => MaterialApp(
  home: Scaffold(
    appBar: AppBar(
      title: const Text("Look at the system tray ")
    body: Center(
      // The icon will be visible aslong as the [TrayIconWidget] will be built
      child: TrayIconWidget(
        winIcon: WinIcon.application,
        tooltip: "Here I am!"
        child: FlutterLogo()

If you just want a tray icon, that's pretty much all you need to know.

There is, however, also a quick-guide, four example applications and of course the API docs, if you do want to learn more.

Don't hesitate to file an issue, I'll have a look at it eventually



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see release.yml for a list of currently allowed commit types
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Mermaid diagram of the architecture
  graph LR;
    BetrayalPlugin o----o |connects via platform channel to| betrayal_plugin.cpp
    subgraph dart
    TrayIconWidget -- manages --> TrayIcon -- calls --> BetrayalPlugin
    TrayIcon -- uses --> TrayIconImageDelegate -- calls --> BetrayalPlugin
    subgraph native
    betrayal_plugin.cpp -- holds --> IconManager.hpp
    IconManager.hpp -- provides TrayIcon.hpp to --> betrayal_plugin.cpp
    betrayal_plugin.cpp -- calls --> TrayIcon.hpp
    click BetrayalPlugin ""
    click TrayIcon ""
    click TrayIconWidget ""
    click TrayIconImageDelegate ""
    click betrayal_plugin.cpp ""
    click IconManager.hpp ""
    click TrayIcon.hpp ""