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A single-page PHP script to export all public posts from a Tumblr account and export them as Wordpress extended RSS. (Enhancement fork of Hao Chen's Tumblr2Wordpress.)
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Tumblr2Wordpress is a PHP script to take posts from Tumblr and export them in the extended RSS format that Wordpress uses for full-data input/export.

It allows you to take your posts, categories and tags from Tumblr and move them to Wordpress. Some amount of configuration of publication state and post state is supported, as well as control over processing of Markdown syntax on the Tumblr side.

Tumblr2Wordpress is originally a project by Hao Chen, and you can find that branch of work at

This work is licensed under the GPL v3

Change Log

Version 0.4

  • Added support for Tumblr photosets (where multiple photographs are added to a single post.)
  • Updated HTML5 output for photos (figure and figcaption elements and HTML4 classnames.)
  • Fixed issue with Tumblr IDs exceeding 32-bits and crashing the WordPress importer.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid XML is generated by titles or descriptions containing & signs.

Version 0.3.1-benward

  • HOTFIX: Switching Tumblr API requests to use curl rather than file_get_contents, which hopefully fixes the API/XML parsing errors that people have been reporting, but if not, will return much much better debugging info for a future fix.

Version 0.3-benward

  • Forked
  • Added configuration options for Tumblr filter — allows Markdown to be maintained rather than processed into HTML.
  • Added configuration option to choose generation of permalinks in export file. Now generates simple /12345678 (ID) slugs by default, but can choose to include the Tumblr-esque long-text forms instead.
  • Included a combined slug form, with both the ID and text for those wanting to map the post IDs in URLs, whist keeping the 'friendly' URL text.
  • Added configuration options for enable/disable comments, pings in the Wordpress export file.
  • Added configuration option to set the default publish state of the posts in the Wordpress export file.
  • Refactored the input page mark-up. HTML5, richer form semantics.
  • Refactored the RSS output. No-longer repeats XML elements that are the same for all post types.
  • Improved the output mark-up for conversation posts. Now uses <cite> and <q>, rather than <strong> and nothing.
  • Improved the output mark-up for quotes. Quotes is now wrapped in a <blockquote> element.
  • Page header now includes project details, shared author attribution, and so forth.
  • Added inline help documentation for why fixing your redirects is useful.
  • Added a parser to try and extract meaningful post titles where possible. Will take the first heading from early in the content if available, else will return empty titles.
  • BUGFIX: Captions were not being included for video files.
  • BUGFIX: Audio links now have text 'Audio'. Caption follows below. This prevents nesting problems if the caption itself contains links elsewhere, or block elements.
  • Including Markdown processor to handle mark-up of conversations and title- extraction.
  • Links are prefixed with "Link:", to differentiate the content from post titles. Wordpress will (by default) always link to the new posts permalink from the title.

Known Issues

  • Doesn't support Tumblr's new multiple-photos-per-post feature
  • does not import the HTML5 <audio> element
  • does not import any <embed> or <object> mark-up for videos.
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